Dimension Inx

Dimension Inx is leading the way in the development of advanced 3D-printable materials and manufacturing processes, with application in medicine and beyond


EasyRx is a revolutionary “Universal”​ system that allows orthodontists and dentists to design, create, manage, and submit their patient’s appliance prescriptions online to ANY orthodontic laboratory in the world or in-house lab. Our full suite of design tools allows doctors to manage and create their appliance prescriptions in one single digital location, improving efficiency and evolving towards a paperless environment.

axial 3D

axial3D is a dynamic start-up specializing in converting standardised 2D medical images to create accurate, meaningful 3D volumetric data, for use in a wide variety of medical 3D printing applications. Resulting in surgery that is faster for surgeons, cheaper for hospitals and safer for patients. Two streams of software have been developed; the first to automatically segment and create 3D models for use in a wide range of medical applications. The second to seamlessly manage & audit each step in creating 3D prints to allow hospitals to easily adopt the technology

Azul 3D

Azul3D breaks the throughput and size barriers on polymer 3D printing with technology that opens the door to production volume applications. Also a wide palette of resins deliver properties equivalent to analog processes.

Culinary Printworks

Culinary Printworks is the leader in transforming creative culinary ideas into personalized 3D printed food products.

Re:Build Manufacturing

Re:Build Manufacturing is an industrial manufacturing group that integrates new technologies with conventional manufacturing businesses to accelerate their growth and improve performance.

Sustainable Living Innovations

SLI is a building technology company revolutionizing the built environment. We product tech-enabled buildings that meet and exceed the worlds most stringent sustainability standards. SLI is setting the new standard of sustainable living while addressing housing affordability.


Authentise is a data driven workflow management software that helps improve complex supply chains thru the smart use of the digital thread and Authentise’s MES platform. Customers can capture insight, reduce costs and increase reliability with this open cloud based platform.

Additive Innovations

Additive Innovations develops technologies leveraging additive manufacturing. By collaborating with government agencies and commercial partners, we invent, optimize and scale materials and processes that take advantage of various AM methods. While we’re experts in binder jetting, we work with all material types and AM processes.

Grow Clean

Grow Clean acquires GMO farmland, converts to Regenerative Organic and leases Regenerative Organic farmland to local farmers. This creates non-correlated triple bottom line returns for long-term ESG investors 

9T Labs

9T Labs is a technology provider that has set out to revolutionize composite part manufacturing in the mobility space. This hybrid manufacturing technology normally provides improved part performance along with light weighting of up to 70%. The firm is headquartered in Zurich and works with customers around the globe.